Welcome to Year 9-10 Theatre WPU! This year, our group has been working with traditional Chinese theatre, a form of drama play that is still very popular in China today, and learned of its arts and techniques that are very different from the western theatre.

The WPU has  studied the original script from a play translated into English by students of the Nelson Mandela School. The play takes place on the 2nd June 2015, at 6pm in the P30 Aula. There will also be tea and cookies.

We are proud to present:
A Beauty Pining in Her Boudoir: The Pavilion for Praying to the Moon
Date: 02.06.15 Time: 18:00 Place: Aula P30 €3

China is at war. The Emperor Wang Chen is going away to fight, leaving the Empress and the Princess Wang Ruilan behind to grieve and wait for his return. However, during the fight, the mother and Ruilan are forced to separate. On the other side of the battlefield, Shilong, a simple student and soldier, lost his own sister Ruilian. In search for her, he keeps calling "Ruilian, Ruilian!". Princess Ruilan, thinking someone is calling her, approaches Shilong. Lost and desperate, Ruilan sugests that they can travel together, as wife and husband, for the war in not a place for a girl like her. Shilong accepts the idea, and they go together. Meanwhile, the bandits are scheming something...

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