Dear NMS Parents,

The Nelson Mandela School has many activities and to better serve the entire school community, we have clarified what those activities outside the classroom are now called. We have four distinct areas: Co-Curricular Activities, WUV/WPU courses, Workshops and EXTRA C's. To learn more please read on. 

Christian Nitschke

1) Co-Curricular Activities

Activities that take place in the classroom that go beyond the curriculum, that is, special projects with outside groups (art project with Berlin Philharmonic or Polish Theater Project with 7th grade), special travel projects (Rwanda, India). Class teachers along with management are responsible for coordinating any co-curricular activities.

2) WUV/WPU Courses

Extracurricular courses students take in the 5th & 6th grades (WUV) and 9th & 10th grades (WPU) that are graded and taught by NMS staff. the school management along with class teachers are responsible for coordinating any WUV/WPU courses.

3) Workshops

a) Secondary workshops occur in a two-class period time frame on Tuesdays between 14:15-15:45 for 7th to 10th graders. Secondary workshops are courses that are outside the regular curriculum and generally 8 to 9 weeks and begin and end inside the workshop. No grade is given to students but attendance is kept and noted on student’s record. All students register at the same time for the workshops and workshops are on a first come, first serve basis. Courses are generally taught by NMS staff with a few volunteer parent courses and external providers who charge a fee. If any material fees and/or fees for external providers are needed, then they are paid by the student’s family before or on the first day of the workshop. The Workshop Course Coordination Group is responsible for coordinating all secondary workshops.

b) Primary P23 Flex-4th grade. Similar to the secondary workshops except Flex students have their courses on Mondays 14:40-15:45 and 3rd & 4th grade students have their workshops on Thursdays, 14:40-15.55. Courses are generally taught with educators and social pedagogues with a few external providers. Currently most of the courses are either rotated every 6 to 8 weeks or a full year. Discussion is now underway to bring all courses in the 6 to 8 week rotation so that students have more options to explore. The Head of Educators is responsible for coordinating all primary workshops. There are currently no workshops in B24 (Flex-4th grade). 

4) Extracurricular or Extra C Activities

School and student-led groups and clubs that operate outside of the regular classroom would be considered extracurricular activities. Also, any workshops provided by either staff or external providers (including parents) that are at lunch, after school or on Friday afternoon are also Extra C’s. Students are not required to do any extra-curricular activities but are highly encouraged. Also, any NMS sports teams would be considered extra-curricular activities and committed students would need to practice after school. The coordination of extra-curricular activities is currently headed by the WCC Group in secondary school and the Head of Educators for both B24 and P23 in primary school.

(March 2015)