On January 17th 2015 the NMS Rugby Team took part in the Erwin Thiesis Gedenkturnier in Hennigsdorf in the U16 category. We had trained hard in the rugby workshop on Tuesday afternoons and were keen to test our skills against other teams. The competition was strong, but we got off to good start drawing against Berliner SC. We lost our second game narrowly and therefore qualified for the semi-final. There we met the home team which proved too strong for us and therefore finished the Tournament on a very good 4th place.

Final standings U16

  1. Minga Bua’m (SC Gröbenzell)
  2. Oberhavel Team
  3. Veltener RC
  4. Nelson Mandela Schule
  5. Berliner SV
  6. Berliner SC

Everyone enjoyed the great day as the team proved to be a very positive and tight knight group. We gave all opponents a good game and scored in everyone of our matches. I am positive that the experience gained will show in an even better performance in future encounters.

Patrick Freyburg and Hendrik Robers
Coaching Team

Back: Marley Wolf, Moussa Sounaye, Lauritz Bonnen, Samuel Graf, Tobin Ulbricht
Front: Rico Krause, Skandi Rihane, Kenneth Frost 

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