Patrick Davies (1995-2009) was an artistically gifted ninth grader who passed away suddenly from epileptic complications last year. To commemorate his time spent at the Nelson Mandela school, and his birthday which falls on the 25th of January, an exhibition of selected work taken from his research workbooks opens on Monday 24th of January 2010 at 6pm and is open to the school community. The work will hang in the foyer of the secondary school, and will continue up the stairs to the first floor.

Additionally, the work will be for sale, with the proceeds going to a charity called Quarriers, which assists youth in finding vocations as well as those afflicted with epilepsy. Patricks´s mother Claire has also set up a blog with Patrick's artwork, which mentions that the artwork was done during his art education at the Nelson Mandela school, which link will be made public on the night of the exhibition.

"During Patrick's time at Nelson Mandela School he produced some remarkable art works reflecting his talent and promise. Alongside his animations, photography and paintings he also made six art work books which include over 350 individual art works. A selection of these have been archived and reproduced as digital prints that will be exhibited to celebrate Patrick's life. His passion for music and the arts is reflected in his art works as is his sense of humour, wit and intelligence. Patrick was a kind and gentle soul, full of love and humour, who used his time well by producing these magical art works. Patrick followed his heart and his passion through art in his books and his view on the world is reflected in this quote from Albert Einstein: 'There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle'. "(Claire Davies)

"The artworks on exhibition will be instrumental in showcasing the compulsory art books used by students in both the primary and secondary school as a creative and educational tool, which play an important role in fostering independent visual research and experimentation. Patrick's artwork will demonstrate how creativity can be fostered through this particular format, providing an outlet for all creative and artistic expression in a variety of media. Patrick Davies' artwork will inspire students, teachers and parents alike and most importantly, encourage students to find and nurture their own creative voices". (Nicole Donald-Krams)

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