Babelsberger 24 was host to an amazing Halloween Party on 06 November 2014. Children, parents, educators and teachers came dressed up in their Halloween costumes to take part in the fun and be a little bit spooked!

The atmosphere at B24 was certainly spine-chilling, with cobwebs and pumpkins lining the dark entrance. Grisly zombies, witches corpses and horrifying phantoms hung from the corridors ready to grab and frighten anyone who passed along the shadowy corridors.

The secondary students got the party started with their dance tunes and the dance floor took on an eerie air with the ice machine - it looked like a doomed graveyard! There was also a cake and hotdog stand for all the hungry ghosts, while outside there was toasted marshmallows.

It was a great Halloween Party and here's to the next celebration at Babelsberger 24.

Dear NMS Community,

It is a great joy to report that B24 organized its first Halloween party on November 6th, 2014 with outstanding success and overwhelming attendance. Although the final closing of accounts were not done yet, over a 1000 Euros for B24 were raised.

We therefore take this opportunity to express our most sincere appreciation to the people whose participation made this achievement possible:

Foremost, we want to thank Frau Habekost for supporting the event, as it was essential to have the endorsement of the school’s principal in B24’s first social event ever.

A big thanks to all NMS parents who contributed and participated in the Halloween party from the planning and organization, through set-up and manning, all the way to clean-up. Your donations (food, candy, decorations and money), advice, time and assistance made the party an outstanding success. Special thanks to the ‘ghost’ parents who quietly and without direction committed themselves to take on the most needed tasks during the event, such as the kitchen, fire pit, children supervision, witches’ brew and others.

We also want to thank our primary pedagogues (educators) for helping children carve their pumpkins, do Halloween crafts with the kids and for decorating the hallway. The lockers covered with creative and spooky designs were a really great idea. We are very glad that you got to enjoy yourselves during the party.

A special thanks to Rudi, the best handyman of the three NMS campuses, who went to great lengths for the party to have the right ambiance with his good choice of spooky lighting.

A monstrous thank you to the very committed parents of 8E, particularly Victoria Laughland, Reina Muench, Sandra Alicia Flores and Marie Caroline de Bokay, who took care of organizing their class to provide the parents’ food, and for manning the food and beverage stall, particularly in such a short notice and in so cold weather.

Thanks to the children and parents of P23 and P30 for supporting B24’s library project by attending the party. Also to those who contributed their time and effort in assisting in the kitchen and picking up the mummy wrap after the party. A special thanks to P30 for letting the 7th to 10th graders of B24 attend their Halloween party on Friday November 7th, 2014 holding their B24 ticket.

Thanks to Frau Weinert from Kulturbrauerei-Palais-Event whose generous loan contributed to the best decorated Halloween party ever.

Thanks to all B24 children whose spirit of community was shown in their excitement when carving their pumpkins, while creatively decorating the school hallway, blowing up ghostly balloons, showing up in amazing costumes and having an awesome time at the party.

Thanks to 10E for their efforts in organizing the Halloween party. We want to specially recognize Maya, Luisa and Rosie for their reliance, self-motivation and enthusiasm in accomplishing promptly and independently the tasks assigned to them.  We heard great comments about the face painting stand.

Thanks to Katherin Schöllhammer for bringing all the equipment to supply the photo booth in such a short notice. It was certainly a spookily creative memento of the event.

Thanks to Mr. El Abed, caterer of B24, for letting us borrow his coat stand to hang the wackiest witches brew.

We take the opportunity to congratulate 7E and 9E for tying in first place in the pumpkin carving competition. The Dunkin`Donat breakfast will take place in week 47.

Finally, we want you to know we are so grateful and humbled by the astonishing support the party received. We hope everyone had as much fun as we did. And look forward to see you all next year at B24’s second Halloween Party…

B24’s Halloween Party Organization Team

Scarlet Santillan, Ann-Kerstin Schöfer, Rafidah Kohlmayer, Anne Haas

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