The P23 school went through a massive change of rooms this summer to make this concept a reality! Now we need your help, we need materials and supplies to help us kit out the concepts. Please read more here on how you can help!

Dear NMS School Community,

The P23 educators are requesting materials and supplies for the Ganztags-Etage/Leisure Lounge Floor, the new 5th and 6th year leisure time rooms on the first floor of the P23 new building! All the rooms are now in play and will be very useful for the 5th and 6th year during their free time, lunch breaks, and Friday afternoons. Also, younger students will be using some of the rooms for their AG times on Mondays and Thursdays. The Ganztags-Etage/Leisure Lounge Floor room concept is a primary component of social learning in the school—having a place where students can have fun, relax and socialize with each other in an informal environment.

Room concepts include: A quiet study room, construction room (Lego Lab, blocks and other construction toys), board game room, tabletop game room, art room and a kitchen area. Also, room 102 will be serving the educators as a place for children who become ill or injured during the school day.

With any new concept, there are certainly some material needs.

If you have any of the following new or gently used items, please bring to the first floor leisure time lounge area on Fridays. The educators on duty will be happy to take the donation:

  • Legos--primarily bricks and large plates
  • Wood blocks
  • Other construction type toys

  • Team Crane (a toy crane that needs several people to play with it)
  • Regular playing cards
  • Chess and checker sets
  • Table top active games like hockey that can set on a table or stand alone
  • A billiard ball or pool ball set
  • Pool cue sticks
  • Table tennis rackets and balls
  • Portable indoor goals for playing football/soccer in the hallway
  • Flashlights and batteries for the flashlights
  • Age-appropriate books (5th & 6th Grade)
  • Comics
  • Transparent fishing line
  • Nice gently used blankets
  • Blue ice packs for the freezer

For bigger items, please email a photo and dimensions and care instructions (if plants) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please remember, if a large item is accepted as a donation, you will also be responsible for delivery.

  • Plants—hardy, healthy plants that are easy to care for.
  • Need several couches that are gently used but can take wear and tear.
  • A gently used large area rug for playing in the construction room.
  • Gently used bean bags of all shapes, colors and sizes.
  • Matching set of curtains that are 3 to 4 meters long (for 3 windows).
  • Sturdy standing lamps.


New parents & students

Parents & guardians, pay into the Educational Fund!

The flatrate payment for the Educational Fund ensures that students receive necessary materials. Participation is ongoing throughout the year.

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Any questions?

Here is the contact list.

School offices:

  • Pfalzburger Straße 23 (P23), Flex-6
  • Pfalzburger Straße 30 (P30), 7-13
  • Babelsberger Straße 24-25 (B24), Flex-10


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