It started with whispering but the tension built up and soon 1,000 people were shouting and throwing their fists in the air at the Fest am Kulturforum on the weekend of the 14-15th of June 2014. The so called “Crowd Out” performance was masterminded by the American composer called David Lang.

The 40min long performance was inspired by the singing and shouting David Lang had heard at a soccer game a couple years ago. He had then put a questionnaire out in the internet asking people “how they feel when they are in a crowd”. He ended up with a quite extraordinary responses, with a a bunch of people saying: “ich bin so allein”,”ich habe alles verloren”, “ich fühle mich schrecklich, ich möchte allein sein” some people were shouting, some sang and clapped,”ich werde panisch”, “ich fühle mich unwirklich” etc.

This piece was written to be preformed by people who cannot read music, to capture the fear and loneliness of being in a crowd and the feelings and thoughts that people have at that very moment.

The students from the choir of the Nelson Mandela School were proud and glad to have been a part of this performance. Ms. Dent, Ms. Klausch and Mr. Beaner also performed. The piece was originally started in Birmingham, England, and is now moving around the world – bringing to peoples’ minds what it means to be alone in crowds.

Isabel Zander Zeidam, class 8d, Choir President

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