The Wired! AG students and teacher Jonas Pews are proud to present the new Mobile Research Station that they have build. Many thanks to the Friends of Nelson Mandela School for the funding of the Raspberry Pi mini-computers.

The students have already installed the operating system on two of them, the rest will be done during this week. The research station can be moved and as soon as the computers are integrated into our WLAN they can be used in any Science (or other subject) lesson for investigations, research and other general computing purposes.

Raspberry Pis are small low-cost computers that can be used for a variety of purposes, including web access, word processing, etc., once they are set up. They are very useful as educational tools since they do not come ready for use but have to be configured for specific purposes. So the students have already learned a lot about IT basics (and, as you see below, woodworking as well!).

Again, I thank the Friends for supporting this project.

Regards, Jonas Pews (and the students from Wired!)
17 June 2014

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