Dear School Community,

Here we are – the last day of school before the Easter vacation – for our IB and Abi senior students the official last day of school. In an impressive assembly this morning, they said farewell to younger students and gave several presentations on special projects, such as the Model United Nations and the UNESCO group, to name only two.

The school has once again been reaching out to many partner schools and institutions in South Africa, Namibia, Ruanda, Oman, Poland, Russia, Norway, Sweden and others. We also learnt about some of their plans for the time after graduation. We keep our fingers crossed for all of them for the upcoming exams!

We have seen similarly momentous weeks in the rest of the school from the grade 8 skiing trip, or two outstanding theater performances, art galleries, the dancing workshop and activity week at the Prinzregentenstraße to a proud Ritterfest and brilliant musical assembly at the Primary School.

In the area of school development a whole range of projects are underway with many people diligently working on them. Here, again, is just a small selection of what has been on our minds: the primary successfully planned and executed a new program of peer observations in all their grades. I am truly impressed by the energy and professionalism of what the team has achieved in what has been only a short stretch of time. At the secondary level, we have introduced assistant coordinators for the Abi and IB programs and have already received positive feedback from all sides.

Parallel to this we are preparing the extension and move of our program at Prinzregentenstraße. We will have 8 classes, four in primary and four in secondary in the rooms of what is the Ernst-Habermann-Schule now (this school will be relocated to a building owned by the district).

Two more projects that I would like to mention have been greatly supported by all school groups. The parent group deserves special mentioning here, however. Their initiative and drive has brought about the first Yearbook of the school that is in the pipeline – stay tuned. Last but not least you might have heard that Senator Scheeres wanted to visit the school last Thursday, but had to cancel it last minute as she fell ill. The preparation of the visit has brought about great collaboration on all sides, a superb 4-minute portrait video on the school and pushed us a big leap further on our way to define Nelson Mandela as an international school. It is my pleasure to thank all people who joined the task force with their enthusiasm and set of professional skills – THANK YOU!

Wishing you a joyful and relaxing break

Christian Nitschke
11 April 2014

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