The Seven Day Winter Tour to New York 2014

Our Seven Day Winter Tour to New York started by going to the American Museum of National History and then to the Schubert Theatre where we saw the musical Matilda. Both excursions were great.

The museum which contained 27 interconnected buildings housing 45 permanent exhibition halls, a planetarium and a library is one of the largest and most celebrated museums in the world and averages about 5 million visits a year. It contains over 32 million specimens of plants, humans, animals, fossils, minerals, rocks, meteorites and human cultural artifacts, of which only a small fraction can be displayed at any one time. It was fascinating.

The award winning children’s musical Matilda about a bright little girl who immerses herself in books and dreams of a better life, daring to take a stand against unjust forces and to grasp her destiny in her own little hands was great. The energy the children displayed on stage, the synchronized movement and how well they worked together gave us a great show. The children enjoyed this tremendously.

Our first engagement was at the St. Ann’s School. The Assistant Head of the School, Jason Asbury, directed the choir. We sang a joint concert with the St. Ann’s middle school choir. After which we were hosted by the school.

The next day we went to the Empire State Building. 

After our visit to the Empire state Building we ate at a diner that served a variety of foods. The following day we sang at the St. Paul German Evangelical Lutheran Church where over half of our students took communion. It was a very beautiful moment.

The next day we went to the South African Embassy.

The assistant to the Consulate General lead us to the Performance Hall. We rehearsed and started to sing. The audience was very impressed with our students and equally as impressed with the name of our school. They wanted to know more about our school.

After our engagement there we went to a Deli where we had pastrami on rye. The next day we shopped till we dropped. The children shopped from morning till late evening. We were also joined by two persons, one of which is a parent to one of our students. The students were happy with the whole trip. We flew back to Berlin the following day (February 5, 2014).

On the flight back to Berlin, the children sang beautifully, at the request of the crew. After about 6hrs we arrived in Berlin to eager awaiting parents. This was a very success and informative trip. Keeping this international connection and tradition of the Nelson Mandela School, we are scheduling another trip for next year.

A special “THANK YOU” to our parents, students, sponsors, school, airline, and all of the people in New York City who made us feel welcome.

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