Please read the e-mail below from Dylan White, one of our former students who graduated last year and who is now doing a social year abroad in Nepal with blind students. These you can see in the picture. You will also find a thank you letter from the students for the money we were able to raise for their tuition this year.

In fact, NMS was able to raise 500 Euro for the blind girls' tuition. This is enough to help them continue their tuition for over 6 months (more or less). If you think you would like to continue doing this on an annual basis let me or Dr. Premkumar know. Thanks again to the classes, students, teachers and administrators that donated for this cause.

Nihal Adler & Dr. Cordelia Premkumar

Dear Mrs. Adler,
Here is a thank you letter from the students and a photo to go with it.

The hostel founder and manager who is also a blind teacher at the school has received the money now and will make sure it only goes into what it was intended for, funding their education.

While I am here I will help him do so. At the moment we have decided to take 500 rupees a month (5 dollars) and give it to each of the four students to buy living essentials and school books (which they have to buy themselves). Added to the sum needed for living in the hostel, 2500 rupees, the students will therefore need 3000 rupees (30 dollars) a month each, except for one of them, Sanju who already receives some funding from another source and therefore only needs 1000. Therefore all four students together will require pretty exactly 10 000 rupees (100 dollars) a month, meaning that the money you raised will cover costs for around 6 months. Unfortunately a few of them have some months debt, so it will work our as a little less, maybe 4 or 5 months. The letter was written by Sanju, one of these students, without any instructions. I translated the braille without correcting any mistakes. I hope you don't find it demanding, her English is not perfect. They were very, very happy to receive this help. Of course there is still a large need for further funding, especially since 3 more students will enter higher secondary level with presumably no funding in April, but you have done a huge part and nobody is expecting more money coming from you. If you think, however, that there is a good possibility to find more support for this project at the NMS it would be truly amazing, since there is no other funding source in sight currently.

I will send the letter soon by post, as I have found a cheap way to send it through governmental post, but it will probably only arrive in around a month from now.

Many warm greetings from Nepal and a big thank you again for your fantastic work.


P.S. The “Move Nepal” founder is a very busy man, but he will send you an official document confirming the donation in a couple of days.

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