Dear colleagues and parents,

As the newly elected co-chairs of the Madiba Group, we wanted to use this opportunity to collect ideas about celebrating the essence of Nelson Mandela in our school. As our school is named after this great man, so should we encourage our community members to be like him.

Nelson Mandela gave 67 years of his life to public service, and Mandela Day (July 18) has been officially recognized by the U.N. as a day on which the world celebrates Nelson Mandela by taking action that has impact on local communities. This year, we will celebrate Madiba Day on February 11, 2014, as a showcase - a culmination of action and/or presentation of activities that have occurred until then.

Please, take a look at this Google document to see if inspiration strikes about how you and your class can effect change for the better in Berlin, and within our school community. You may choose from the list of activities, or add your own about what this could look like for you. Grades 1 - 3, 4 - 6, 7 - 9, and 10 - 12, would all participate in different ways. Some examples are visiting a retirement home and reading or performing for residents, helping at an animal shelter, helping an elderly neighbor with various tasks, donating a bag of toys to a hospital’s children’s ward, and so on. Don’t forget to sign-up once you’ve chosen an activity.

Whatever activities your class engages in may be chosen according to your own schedule, as we should practice community service year-round, and it is not always feasible to make everything fit into a class’s schedule. Still, as your class goes out into our local community, please share pictures and videos of your activities with the Madiba Group.

The Madiba Group’s next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, October 15 2013, 17:00-18:00. We will meet in the staff room of the Primary school (3rd floor). Parents, teachers, and students are encouraged to join discussions about forming a relationship with the S. African embassy, giving community service awards to members of the local community, and the effective and successful structuring of Madiba (Day) celebrations in the Primary and Secondary schools.

Please come help us make Nelson Mandela’s ideals as much a part of our school as The Festival of Nations has become. We hope to develop a perpetual sense of international and community awareness in our school, throughout all grade levels. Any and all resources, ideas, and support will be very much appreciated.


Osa Oyegun, teacher co-chair
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Marguerite Marcus, parent co-chair
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October 2013

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