Congratulations, NMS school community. You are awesome! Great community building, Great food/activities/information...but best of all GREAT FRIENDS!

Despite the weather, Saturday, 8 September was spectacular and we have the photos to prove it!

Friends of NMS treasurer Garry Jean-Louis says there are a few folks who still need to pay their tab on their silent auctions wins but other than that here are his stats on the festival:

Gross sales were approximately €20,000.

  • Ticket sales over €8,500,
  • Stands sales were over €2,500,
  • Silent auction raised over €2,400,
  • Live auction raised over €1,500,
  • Book sales were over €1,500,
  • NMS shirts & sweater sales were over €1,500, and
  • Gift Basket Raffle and Ibiza Salt sales were over €900.

2012 Festival of Nations Planning Committee chairs Serafina Morrin and Averil Harrison-Thuemmel report that from their point of view the festival was a smashing success even though there were a few technical glitches and it rained a bit in the middle. But even the rain proved to be one of the shining moments of the festival: Secondary students came together and danced in the rain… . That's why we’re here—to encourage that level of community even in a downpour. WOW! And was that fun to watch safely from under an umbrella!

If you would like to send feedback to the Festival Planning Committee, please send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Here is a video created by NMS student Alessandro Costa:

(Music removed for copyright reasons.)

These are this year's contest winners:

  • Best Overall Stand Classes 6A/9A Japan
  • Best Stand Activity Flex E & F New Zealand
  • Most Popular Stand 7th Grade Germany
  • Most Creative Gift Basket Grade 5 Tempelhofer Feld-Activity
  • Most Popular Gift Basket 6B Wellness

Of course, there are so many of you who did so much to make this year’s Festival of Nations a success. Thank you to all who came, who helped and who gave.


A big Thank You to all the people that did not get mentioned but who helped behind the scenes to make it all happen! Thank you for your time and effort to make the Festival of Nations 2012 a special event. We also highly appreciate the help and support of the Abi and IB students - a special thanks to all of you!

2012 Planning Committee

  • Chairs: Averil Harrison-Thuemmel, Serafina Morrin
  • Stands: Averil Harrison-Thuemmel, Yvette Wrigley, Waltraud van Veen
  • Stage: Serafina Morrin , Dr. Karin Vitzthum
  • Auction: Helen Heise, Alli MacInnes, Mia Eger
  • Technical Support/Logistics: Ivos Piacentini
  • Advice: Beate Zander-Zeidam
  • Judging Coordinator: Hoon Heckmann

Management: Brigitte Kather, Ina Claussen, Dr. Bruno Osuch

Contact Teachers: Sarah Dent (coordinator), Tom Zlodre, Frank Aboagye, Hanna Lentz

Technical Support: Rüdiger Schindler

Auction Blog: Gabriela Pardo

Graphics Blog/Festival Flyer/Posters: Gabriela Pardo

Graphics Tickets/Auction Flyer/Certificates: Ianessa Norris

Stand Coordinators: Averil Harrison-Thuemmel, Yvette Wrigley, Waltraud van Veen

Mapping: Alexander Schöffel, Yvette Wrigley

Stand Captains: Birgit Kratzheller, Alexis Figeac, Johanna Abreu, Kathleen Creed, Brit Reichelt-Zohlo, Nadia Gaudian, Asa Pense, Maneul Siebenmann, Christiane Jean-Louis, Ramelle Barber-Meyer, Kristen Rusch, Roxana Blanco, Marco Bohnhoff, Marina Wessolowsi, Katrin Blackbourn, Alexis Cassel, Hilke Gerdes, Donna Lee, Elke Wienkamp, Anna Meyer, Andrew Guiness, Bianca Ziegler, Florentine Baumann, Barbara Mecke, Claudia Otto

Student Stand Captains: Stella Harper, Juliette Johnson, Lilly Aibangbee, Günter Feuereison, Connie Hamilton

Stage Coordinators: Serafina Morrin, Dr. Karin Vitzthum

Presentation: Catarina Zanner

Audio: Rüdiger Schindler, Herr Sculz

Transport Stage: Ivos Piacentini, Christian Lohr, Claudia Otto, Marion Siepe, Marc Richter, Jörg Weber

Stage setting: Ivos Piacentini, Jason Oettl

Performers and special guests: Michael Hertz, Natalia Wörner, Gary Beaner and his choir, Thomas Langlotz and Grace Jamieson with their former Class 4A choir, Nicole Ohnesorge and the Irish Dancers, Simei Krönert Chewith her Qi Gong Team and her Taekwondo Team, Sibel Istemi-Dogan and the 4C children with their Turkish dance in Nelson Mandela School T-shirts, Kammerchor der Mendelssohn-Bartholdy-Musikschule, Laila El-Jarad and the bellydancing girls, James O'Donoghue, Indie Rock Band Kushti, Robert Gutowski, Christian Rogers

Auction and Gift Basket Raffle Coordinators: Helen Heise, Mia Eger, Alli MacInnes

Collecting Local Area Donations: Ivanka Klein

Auction volunteers: Dorothee Klopman, Dom Bouffard, a very special Thank You to the girl in the stripey t-shirt who helped out all day (Astrid? Astra?)

Live Auctioneers: Jeff Burrell, Olivia Schofield

Judging Coordinator: Hoon Heckmann

Judges kids: Insa Heckmann (3C), Beri Ndi (4C), Aidan McMahon (8C), Moritz Reuter (8C)

Judges parents: Philipp Goeltenboth, Swetlana Heger

Judges teachers: Charles J. Spiller, Florentine Baumann


Book Sale: Lisa Audouin (coordinator), Grace Jamieson, Eva Wegner, Sue Matthews, transport: Shelia Joneleit, Ivos Piacentini

Tickets Selling, Garbage Removal, Set up, Clean up, Silent Auction Helpers, Heavy Lifters: IB and Abi students

Translations: Serafina Morrin, Mia Eger

Friends Committee: Dr. Hans Kankam, Garry Jean-Louis

Neighbourhood Flyer: Heike Heilig Finn

Photographers: Katrin Blackbourn, Cornelia Brade, Joerg Hammer, Katrina James, Serafina Morrin, Dagmar Rahim, Ralf Steinberger, Sebastian Thuemmel, Karin and Mari Vitzt

Cleaning benches and stage: boys of 8B and girls from 4C

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