Florentine Baumann, Head of the Art Department writes on 09 May 2012:

Dear Colleagues, Parents, School Community,

In the name of the five students who are participating in an amazing architecture workshop with the famous architectural team ORTNER & ORTNER (who built, for example, the new shopping mall on Schloßstraße called BOULEVARD BERLIN), I would like to thank you for supporting this wonderful project.

Celine Niemitz-Rossant, Siri Black, Leon Ludwig, Niklas Gantenberg and Sandra Werner were chosen to represent the school in an Europe-wide project called BUILDING BLOCKS, financed by the Swedish Embassy and supported well-known architects, to function as clients for architects and direct them to the house of their desires. In three sessions and around eight hours of discussions and presentations of models, drawings and conceptual thinking, the five students will sketch up an around 16 sqm and 4m high house that the architects and constructions workers will build following their instructions. The teenage house will be first set-up in the Swedish Embassy together with four other children's house projects and then be handed over to the students. I would like to point out that the students were chosen due to their interest in art and their rather strong academic performance. Also, this project does not have anything to do with their Art lessons - it is rather a project which will hopefully find an important place in the students' CV and gives the school the opportunity to be presented successfully by those very motivated and enthusiastic students.

I apologize for any inconvenience this project caused due to the absence of the students. If in doubt about the purpose of the project, feel free to approach the participants and listen to their experiences with the architects.

Thank you,

Florentine Baumann
Head of Art Department

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