Lots of pictures from the rehearsals and the performance of The Children of Beslan, performed by students of 10a, b, c & d on 06 June 2012.

Nadja Tenge, who produced “Die Verlorenen Kinder” last year with Mr. Frank Odjidja, is cooperating this year with Mrs. Adler and the 10th grade (see here for names and dates, pics and the trailer) to produce the play The Children of Beslan.

The play, a concept from Nadja Tenge, depicts the three days of a school hostage on The Day of Knowledge by Chechenian rebels and the consequences resulting. It questions why children are used in an ethnic political battle between two rivalling camps and tries to convey the human loss and tragedy in all of this on both sides e,g, Russian and Chechanian. Salvadore Brandt has made the trailer and taken the pics, as well as set up a Facebook link with information concerning the play.

The students of 10a, b, c and d, watched several BBC documentaries on the massacre and read and translated many of the original hostage and terrorist dialogues for the several scenes into English. They have been working really hard by creating and rehearsing their scenes with Mrs. Tenge and myself to complete the play. Thanks to Mr. Brandt, we have been able to document much of this work, which Mr. Brandt would like to turn into a documentary.

We have had several scheduling setbacks unfortunately due to the several holidays in between and the many excursions and exams, but hope that we will be ready for the first performances on 6th June. There will in fact be two performances, one at 11:00 ( still to be confirmed) for the students and one in the evening for the Nelson Mandela Community at 19:00. We heartily invite you to watch the performance on the 6th. Nadja has also planned a third performance after the summer break and this will be announced as soon as it has been confirmed.

I would like to personally thank Nadja for her ideas, patience and dedication to this project, to which she has greatly contributed filling in the gaps, setting the scenes and doing the choreography. I would also like to thank Mr. Brandt for his patience and his work that you can see for yourself. Last but not least, I would also like to thank my 10th grade class for sticking to the project in spite of the long hours, and the long Saturday rehearsals. One day, I know they will look back on this phase in their lives with fondness.

Nihal Adler
Head of Languages.

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