Check this out for yourself by visiting our students’ exhibition THE BAUHAUS WAS A SCHOOL at BAUHAUS TEMPORARY, Knesebeckstr. 1-2, near Ernst-Reuter-Platz, that can still be explored until Feb 29, 2020. In the small space, that functions as a BAUHAUS showroom while the new museum is under construction, the 10 students of the BAUHAUS Elective Course, all year 10, have set up several work stations to actively experience practical art exercises of the preliminary course. In the weeks before the grand opening on Nov 27, the group had tested and optimized the tasks for contemporary museum visitors.

 The Elective Course BAUHAUS are meeting every Friday afternoon to deal with the practical fundamentals of art and design. The main task is to explore the educational approach of the BAUHAUS school (1919 – 1933) that taught university students from all over the world first in Weimar, then Dessau and finally Berlin before it was shut down by the Nazi regime. Nowadays we connect artists like Paul Klee, Wassily Kandinsky, Lyonel Feininger and architects like Walter Gropius and Mies van der Rohe or designers like Marcel Breuer and Marianne Brandt with the BAUHAUS style.

 For three years now, the NMS is one of the eight associated BAUHAUS schools of Berlin and looking back to the several projects we have carried out related to the partnership we as school feel more BAUHAUS than ever. Our students are not only developing their own art and design projects and also self-evaluate the process and results but also do they act as teachers to other students or even to their teachers.

Another BAUHAUSY moment was the professional workshops the elective course gave on Friday, Dec 13, to members of the BAUHAUS friends or associated members. Over a stretch of three hours the 15-year olds instructed the adults on how to actively experience BAUHAUS by taking them through drawing and folding exercises, performance and exploration. In addition to the actual instruction of the historic exercises the students also invent new approaches that will lead to an archive of tasks to explore future BAUHAUS exhibitions.


Video of exercises and the day

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