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Vera’s first role at the NMS was in 2012 when her daughter Lilli joined the school. As a parent she was already an active member of the school community, helping out wherever she could. At the beginning of 2015 she became a member of the Madiba Choir and it wasn’t long before she joined the NMS social pedagogue team. Her arrival was like a breath of fresh air and she soon became a highly valued member of staff. When she joined the team she brought a great deal of experience with her.Having studied social pedagogy, Vera later trained as a mediator. She had worked in both the private and public sector and had spent five years in San Diego where she worked with young offenders.


Vera possessed a natural warmth and empathy which would immediately put people at ease. She combined this with a professional ability to identify the root of a problem and could quickly come up with strategies and solutions. Class teachers were always grateful to have her at their side. She never shied away from the more challenging cases, was keen to implement new concepts and, together with the students, worked hard at reviving the much-loved talent show. And despite the workload, when faced with a tricky situation, Vera would still smile. She had a great sense of humour and brought laughter to others. A person with a big heart who exuded vitality.

In January 2017 we were shocked to find out that Vera was suffering from cancer. When she returned to the NMS on a more regular basis in the September of that year, she combined work with chemotherapy sessions and numerous medical appointments. And she was so happy to still be part of the team, and to be able to support the students. “Das tut gut”, she often said.

And Vera remained positive. She was determined to win the battle against cancer, and we were convinced that if anyone could do it, dearest Vera, it was you. You put up such a fight. And you remained graciously grateful throughout. To your family, to the doctors, to the latest developments in cancer treatment. And for the fact that you lived so near and could still be part of the NMS community.

We miss you Vera. May you forever remain in our hearts.

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Nelson Mandela School is a diverse and inclusive international bilingual state school, teaching from grade 1 to 13. Students in the final year can graduate with either the bilingual Abitur or the International Baccalaureate (IB).
NMS is among the Berlin schools which regularly achieve top average Abitur grades. 

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