The NMS 10th Class graduated with their MSA and school grades on Tuesday evening (18th of June) in front of friends and family.
It was a lovely warm evening and the students arrived dressed up, looking fashionable, fresh and happy in suits, dresses and their finest. Congratulations MSA students on all your hard work.


   After finding their seats in the sports hall, the students, faculty and friends and families were treated to a five piece musical arrangement (see video in dropbox below) 


 Mrs Dent gave a very uplifting speech to the assembled classes, congratulating them on what they had achieved, thanking members of the NMS community and talking about life and the future . The text of the speech can be found below. 

 The classes each came up, from 10a to 10e. Representatives from each class gave a speech, showed a class made video and received their grades, certificates and roses. Each class had its own character and expressed its individuality in its individual videos and speeches. Some were very cool, some quite street, some nostalgic. Everyone was happy to have got through the MSA, to have matured and grown as people and each class marvelled at the four years that they as a class had spent together.


Towards the end of the ceremony, the class teachers assembled and surprised their classes with a song. This went down very well with the clases. Not only was there a great deal of happy applause, the teachers were showered with flying roses as if it was the finale of a magnificent operatic performance. Everyone felt pretty happy and uplifted. It was very special. Videos of the teachers singing and the musical introduction can be seen here in dropbox (you can adjust the quality settings with the cog symbol on the right)

There was an added award giving to the members of the NMS UNESCO football team, who were awarded 2nd place in the recent UNESCO Schools May football matches.

Afterwards there was music, food and drink, photos and conversation in the courtyard. There was even a photobox. The last guests left at about 10 (but they were the ones clearing up!)

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 Some of the graduating students.

Congratulations MSA students on all your hard work. To those of you spending a year abroad and those in the 11th in Berlin we wish you a wonderful year. 

Speech by Mrs Dent

Dear students,

First of all I would like to congratulate you on completing 10 years of compulsory education.

Secondly, I’d like to congratulate all of you on completing your MSA exams. We have seen a large number of outstanding MSA presentations and for the written exams, each and every one of you was not only on time, but in good time. So when it counts, even if you aren’t feeling your best, you have the stamina and determination to succeed.

Thirdly, the thank yous. I would like to thank your teachers, especially your class teachers, who have supported you over the last four years.

I would also like to thank those who are doing excellent work in the background. Our social pedagogue team Jule Horn, Jörg Fraikin, Mandy Reinert, Bernhard Szulz and our Vertrauenslehrer, voted in by you at the beginning of the year: Mrs Birmingham and Mr Boulin.

On a personal note, I have had the good fortune this year of working together with Helga Lingenthal who has assisted with the transition process from Babelsberger 24 to Pfalzburger 30. We realise that for many members of 10e, moving from B24 to a much larger and busier campus, has had its obstacles.

Not forgetting of course the man we would all be lost without, the heart and soul - Rudi

And last but not least, a thank you to your parents. They have supported you during these first qualifying exams, no doubt listened to you complain about exams, homework, …..and teachers and have sympathized. Perhaps sometimes offering you the other side of the coin.

We all know how good it feels to get the grade you have been aiming for and I congratulate so many of you on your excellent MSA results and grade averages. At the same time, it’s about giving your best. Only you know whether you gave your best and nobody’s best is ever the same.

And it’s about doing what you can, not only academically but as a member of the NMS community. Be it the Festival of Nations, representing the school at a sports event, playing an instrument, being part of the student council, coordinating an assembly, participating in the long night of knowledge, the list goes on…and you have been part of it.

These are all very good examples of what is achievable if we work together and remind ourselves that the best in us can only be affirmed by our positive interaction with others. I am because you are.

As part of a community, it is not always easy to find your own way. Life can seem full of expectations and sometimes the demands of school seem overwhelming. More than anything, I wish you the possibility to tap into and thrive on the skills and strengths that you already possess. Having completed 10 years of compulsory education, you now have the opportunity and the choice to follow your interests and develop those skills. There are so many different paths, just don’t forget what makes you tick. We are confident that the education that you have experienced so far at Nelson Mandela School sets you in good stead for the challenges to come.

The future can look daunting but as tolerant citizens who respect diversity and equality, you are making an important contribution. Strive to do your best, remain curious, and keep questioning. And wherever you plan to be after the summer break, whether it be here at Nelson Mandela School, at an Oberstufenzentrum, or abroad, carry Ubuntu with you and share it with others.

All the best

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