On the 11th of June, accompanied by Mrs. Sekon and Mrs. Adler, class 8c prepared a City Challenge. This City Challenge was that the class would travel throughout Berlin and visit different famous tourist attractions. Groups of two people each out of the class were required to create an activity that fitted the specific monument they were given to research.

Before asking the other groups to perform that activity, each group were asked to prepare a short speech that would give the rest of the class of 22 students information about the monument.

 On the 12th of June, Class 8c, Mrs. Sekon and Mrs. Adler gathered together in front of the The Memorial Church on Kudamm. There, the first group thought of a ‘treasure’ hunting activity, where the rest of the class received information on the church written on little slips of paper. The winner of that activity was the group or groups with the most information paper slips.

After that, the class walked towards KaDeWe and the next group provided some information about it.They then introduced an exciting activity. In groups of 4, each was assigned a section in KaDeWe e.g. jewellery, bags, toys, food. The groups were required to find the cheapest and most expensive product in their category. For example, one group found a watch that was worth 274.000 Euro and a necklace that was worth 450 Euros.

Later on we walked towards the bus station. While waiting some classmates did skateboarding, others chatted and the rest waited for the ice in their water bottle to melt. When the bus finally came, everyone crowded at the doors just waiting to get in. Some rushed upstairs for front view seats, others stayed downstairs. The bus took a long time to get started because the bus driver complained that the bus was becoming too full and threatened to throw the last three students out. Luckily, they still made it onto the bus.

After a long bus ride, we finally made it to the next tourist attraction, the Reichstag. The two students responsible for this monument distributed a quiz after quickly explaining some key factors about the Reichstag. After hearing the results of each single group quiz, we all cheered and laughed.

The class then had a 30 minute break where the kids bought snacks and drinks. While having their break, the teachers showed them the Sinti and Roma memorial, commemorating half a million people from this community who were murdered by the Nazi regime during WWII. Following this activity, we then headed towards the Brandenburger Tor and this was then introduced by two of our classmates. The activity was to retake the spitting image of a photo. Some groups tried to perfect it, some didn’t try at all and some tried a little. It was hard to accomplish.

After taking a group photo the class was thrilled when Mrs. Sekon and Mrs. Adler told them that they would treat everyone to an ice-cream. Everyone cheered happily and rushed to the next available ice cream parlour. There they lined up to get two scoops of any ice-cream flavour they fancied. It was heavenly. Some got huge scoops and some small, but this didn’t bother anyone that much because they were still happy with what they got. It was a very stressful and exhausting day for Class 8c, Mrs. Adler and Mrs. Sekon but at the end of the day, everyone had had a truly wonderful class experience and had learned more information about Berlin than they thought they knew before.

Finally, Mrs. Adler and Mrs. Sekon dismissed the class, after everyone had finished their ice cream, and could, after all that hard work they put into making it a joyful day for Class 8c, go home and rest.

Laura Schmitt-Glaeser, Class 8c







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