Report on the opening of the exhibition Nelson Mandela: Rise of Freedom and Democracy in South Africa, by Emma Thuemmel, with photos by Sebastian Thuemmel.

Nelson Mandela: Rise of Freedom and Democracy in South Africa

Last Wednesday, 23 November 2011, the Nelson Mandela School and the Madiba Group hosted a photo gallery called Nelson Mandela: Rise of Freedom and Democracy in South Africa. The photographer, George Hallet is well known for his photos of District Six, before it was demolished. District Six was a part of Cape Town that was declared a place for white people only, which forced all black inhabitants to move and their property destroyed. George Hallet then went to Europe in 1970, only to return not long after Nelson Mandela’s release. He was asked to record the first democratic elections and the effects of the truth and reconciliation commission. He has won many awards and has taught photography in South Africa, the USA, Europe and Britain.

At the beginning of the event, a few speeches were given. Mr. Hertz welcomed everyone, then the South African Ambassador took over. He said that Nelson Mandela “made an impact in the lives of the people of South Africa and the lives of the world” and that these photos really helped document that. He said that photography is important because it preserves memories and cannot lie. Then he talked about education. “The first thing you need in life is education,” he said. “It empowers you” and “no one can take your education away from you.” Carola Blendermann, who organized the event, added that the photography captures the “key international political event” that took place.

Photos by Sebastian Thuemmel

The photos themselves were very interesting. Most of the photos were black and white, but there were a few color ones. There were photos of Nelson Mandela, including some famous ones, and photos of ordinary people in Cape Town and places near there.

“I like the picture called “Mandela First Encounter Johannesburg” because I like the women, how they are reaching out to hug Nelson Mandela,” Manon from 6c explained. Jarik from 3c liked the photo of Nelson Mandela and his colleagues because “I like that there’s guys with suits on.”

The event was supported by, the South African German Network. The photos will hang in the second floor of the new building in Pfalzburger Straße 30 until February 10th, 2012.


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