From 8 - 21 October it is EU Code Week

Learning to code helps us to make sense of the rapidly changing world around us, expand our understanding of how technology works, and develop skills and capabilities in order to explore new ideas and innovate. The Maker Space in the Primary Library is now open during break times from 13.15 - 13.45 from Tuesdays to Thursdays and welcomes all children who are interested in tinkering and coding activities, so pop in and join Mr Peterson and his robots! There is also a Fab Lab at the Secondary School, which we are expanding this year. NMS and Junge Tüftler have been working together for several years now in an effort to bring coding activities into the classrooms. Several NMS teachers are attending the workshop Coding for Tomorrow to learn about the implementation of Calliope Mini in STEM education. During the Autumn Break, Junge Tüftler are organising a coding camp for students. More information can be found here

EU Code Week EU Code Week

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