On Monday the 11th of September, the whole sixth grade left by bus for a class trip to Spukschloss Bahratal! When we arrived it was time for lunch and then everyone started organizing their rooms. We unpacked, made our beds and a little later our class met our coach who was going to be doing fun activities with us for the first three days. With Elizabeth our coach we started walking into the forest where we did our treasure hunt. That night we also did a night walk in the dark.

The next day we built a zipline with Elizabeth and the highest point was about 25 meters. It took pretty long to build but it was fun going on it.

When we were back at Spukschloss we had some freetime where some kids played soccer and others played games in their rooms. After dinner that evening, we had a campfire with another class. We had marshmallows and bread dough that turned into bread once it was cooked over the fire.

The third day was pretty fun because we went rock climbing and abseiling! My highlight was the abseiling and it was a highlight for lots of the other kids too. My lowlight that day was the weather. It was freezing! When we were walking back, I ate lots of raspberries and they were really yummy. That evening was the disco. There was loud music, everyone was dancing and it was just so much fun!

Thursday was my favourite day because we went to the swimming pool in Pirna. There were two super fun water slides. One of them was a black hole and the other was a short family slide. There was also a pool with waves and that was one of my highlights at the swimming pool. What I didn’t like that day was that when we drove back to Spukschloss we had to start packing. That evening we also had another fun disco.

The next day we had to take off all the bed sheets and clear out the rooms. We had a normal breakfast, made our lunch sandwiches and with our rucksacks we walked to the bus. 6c and 6d were in the same bus and the other two classes were in the other bus. The ride wasn’t as boring as I thought it would be, I first sat next to Nora and then Noa and that was fun. When we arrived in Berlin everyone was happy to see their parents and that was nice.

By Emma Hess, 6C

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Nelson Mandela School is a diverse and inclusive international bilingual state school, teaching from grade 1 to 13. Students in the final year can graduate with either the bilingual Abitur or the International Baccalaureate (IB).
NMS is among the Berlin schools which regularly achieve top average Abitur grades. 

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