On May 31st 2016, a group of NMS students had the privilege of accompanying Mr. Goode and Mr. Nitschke to the NPR studio in Berlin.

The National Public Radio is held by the legal nonprofit, NPR Media Berlin GmbH and maintains the characteristics of a public radio station in the US. NPR is an internationally known producer and distributer of noncommercial news and entertainment. The program began serving the Berlin community on April 1st 2006. It can be accessed on 104,1 FM life in Berlin.

NPR being an institution in the US, it was really interesting for us student coming from NMS with different backgrounds to see and listen to how live radio is produced. Mr. Goode gave us the opportunity to be involved in active reporting by introducing us to the radio station. We were given insights into live reporting from teenagers involved with the current presidential debate in the US.

We NMS students together with Mr. Goode and Mr. Nitschke, were given tasks to follow and interpret into categories. We were given tips and tricks on how to run a podcast and were then given the task to do so on our phones. The end tasks were educational, we hope to be able to use this knowledge for our upcoming presentations.

Having learned and appreciated the value of public radio that is nonprofit it would be fun if we were accepted to contribute to the podcasts in the future from wherever we might be in the world.

Isabel 10d

By: Isabel Zander Zeidam 10D


  1. Lilka Palokangas Prohm  - 9a
  2. Julia Scheidemann-Clark - 9a
  3. Neel Rajani - 9c
  4. Meret Weber - 9c
  5. Yara Abdhel Ghany - 9d
  6. Alec Dent - 10c
  7. Tabea Cox - 10c
  8. Isabel Zander Zeidam - 10d
  9. Sigfried Adelhoefer
  10. Safiye Rafehi - 10d

Workshop leaders: Susan Woosley and Monika Müller-Kroll, the reporter.

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