Another group of enthusiastic students completed their mediation training program this year. We were 10 kids eager to learn how to deal with conflicts and how to solve them. We stayed at the Jugendbildungsstätte for 4 nights and did various activities throughout the days. Each day was split up into two segments. First was the morning workshop after breakfast, then a long lunch break followed by an after noon workshop before dinner. In the mornings we did fun team-building exercises and discussed what mediation is and the theory behind it. We would also analyze each of the 5 phases of mediation and learn how to put them to use. To learn how to properly mediate, we had to play role plays.

Two students were mediators, and the other two were the conflict parties. By going through each step in these role plays, we learned quickly how to try and help two people solve their conflicts. In the evenings, we also did more activities. We went ice skating, watched a movie and played Monopoly a few too many times. It was a fun trip that brought all the students a bit closer. In the last  two days we were joined by students that had completed their training the year before. Together with them we practiced our skills and they refreshed their knowledge. We also discussed the ways in which we could get more attention towards us, so that our school knows that we are ready to help. Overall, the trip was fun and educational and we would definitely recommend it to all students.
Rohan Steinmeyer

In der Woche vor den Winterferien 2016 habe zehn Schüler_innen der NMS der Jahrgänge 7-9 die Ausbildung als Peer-Mediator_in der Jugendbildungsstätte Kaubstr. absolviert. In den täglichen, intensiven Theorie- und Übungseinheiten wurden zwischen 9:00-18:00 Uhr die Grundlagen der Mediation von den Ausbilder_innen Kerem Atasever, Ina Stumpf und Patrick Freyburg an eine Gruppe Schüler_innen vermittelt, die das Erlernte hervorragend in Rollenspielen angewendet haben.

Dieses wertvolle Projekt wurde durch die großzügige finanzielle Unterstützung der Friends der NMS möglich gemacht. Vielen Dank für die Unterstützung!

Die neu ausgebildeten Peer-Mediator_innen stoßen zu den schon im letzten Jahr ausgebildeten Kolleg_innen dazu. Nun besteht die Herausforderung darin, das Angebot, Schüler_innen bei der Konfliktlösung zu unterstützen, der Schulgemeinschaft zugänglich zu machen. Ansprechpartner des Kollegiums sind für die P30 Vera Gramann und Philine Wenske, während ich für die B24 verantwortlich bin.

Schüler_innen, Lehrer_innen und Eltern sind herzlich eingeladen uns zu kontaktieren, wenn Unterstützung bei der Lösung eines Konfliktes gebraucht wird.

Patrick Freyburg
Sozialpädagoge an der NMS

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