On February 9th it is Safer Internet Day, an annual initiative by the European Union. NMS teachers and educators have been asked to spend some extra time on this important topic next week. This year’s motto is ‘Play Your Part for a Better Internet’. Interested parents can check for more information in English, or for information and resources in German.

Parents Information and Communication: It is important you keep or get informed about what your child is interested in online, what social networks he or she is using, what games they are playing. Why not play a game with your child? You might be surprised about how creative games like Minecraft are, or on the other hand how many (unknown) online contacts your child has on Fifa16. Talk about personal responsibilities and how they use social networks like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Snapchat. Get informed about the darker uses of networks such as Chatroulette, Kik, YikYak, Tinder and Omegle. Read about how children may be targeted and groomed by online predators. Remain aware that social networks are great for online collaboration on homework and school projects, for connecting with friends and sharing creative output. Without scaring your children, do talk about the potential risks, how to protect your online identity and how to stay safe from strangers. Have an open discussion about how nothing will be deleted from the Internet, how things shared online will most likely be shared further and stay in cyberspace forever. A good rule of thumb to share with your kids about posting online material is WWGT, or rather “What Would Grandma Think” (when she would come across that text or that photo)?

Think Before You Click: In the coming months all classes of year 4, 5 and 6 will attend NMS-internal Online Safety workshops under the heading of ‘Think Before you Click’. Good use of social networks, online responsibility and cyber-bullying will be dealt with. The workshops will be provided by NMS teacher and Digital Skills coach Annemieke Akkermans, in collaboration with the class teachers.

Facebook Check: Facebook has included many data-protection features, so help your child to stay safe online and do this Facebook Check together. It contains advice for a good profile, such as the information below.

Don’t give away too much about yourself!

  1. On the web you are not as anonymous as you think.
  2. Think before you upload an image, who are you sharing it with? Are you happy for them to see it?
  3. If you are accessing Facebook via a smartphone, you might be disclosing your location without realising it.
  4. The content you post online can be copied, saved and manipulated, even though you may have previously deleted it. You lose control over content once posted.
  5. The Internet never forgets. Content that you have deleted may remain online if others have saved or used it. 6. What first impression does your profile give? Would you be happy for your future college, university or employer to see your embarrassing photos?

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