The UNESCO team at NMS would like to say a big thank you to everyone at P23 who helped to put together, gather and collect over 100 back-to-school boxes for the children of refugees.

In just over 3 weeks the children at P23 collected pens, pencils, rulers, pencil cases, water bottles, and much more. They then put these into shoe boxes, decorated them as a present to all the children of refugees. The pupils did this as, during conversations with the refugee centre nearby, the need for school supplies was identified as a need that we could provide. We asked for 80 boxes, but we got many more...over 100 in fact!

UNESCO Back-to-school Boxes 1

This demonstrates the community spirit and good will at Nelson Mandela School, and we should all be proud of our children, the families and ourselves for helping others. Because of our actions, children escaping conflict and war, will now have the opportunity to learn, increase their knowledge and prosper in Berlin.

Thank you one and all!
The UNESCO team at P23 (Katie Corwin and Myke Stevens)

UNESCO Back-to-school Boxes 2

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