As promised in these last few days, we present you our new IB/ABI Study Room. We hope you all sign up and use the chance to have a calm study environment. We know the following explanation is a little long, however it is important we are all on the same page so we can ensure this project to be successful.

What is the idea?

The school shares our view that the upper secondary students are in dire need of more quiet areas to study. So far previous attempts have not been successful, because either the students broke the rules or the SV did not do enough to preserve a good study environment. We believe that we can do it this time. In order for it to work there are some criteria which have to be met. The school agrees that a way to make sure the Study Room stays open and gives as many people as possible a chance to use it is that the students provide supervision for each other. To do that we have developed a simple system which will hopefully make sure the IB/ABI Study Room stays a friendly learning environment.

First of all students under 18 have to bring a signed consent form, stating that their parents are responsible for any damages caused by their child. Students who are already 18 will have to sign the form themselves. Anyone who has not handed this form in at the social pedagogue’s office will not be able to use the study room. The form has to be handed in by Friday, the 20th of November. Starting January, the form can be handed in during the first week of each month. In order to make sure no one abuses the school's generosity in providing us with such a room we, the students, have to prove that we will also work for what we ask for and support each other by providing supervision. Students can volunteer as a supervisor on the form or in person each first week of a month. This is a binding agreement for which IB students will also receive CAS hours and, if carried out responsibly, will also be noted on the report card. The task of the student supervisors is to check whether or not students trying to use the study room are on the list which shows who has handed in the consent form. Also, it is their task to report any damages done in that lesson to the social pedagogues. This whole idea is built on the students helping other students, in order to make their own wish to have a study room come true.

What do I have to do as a student?

Hand in the signed form by the 20th of November 2015 in the social pedagogue’s office and hopefully volunteer as a supervisor.

When will the Study Room open?

On the 23rd of November, provided enough students sign up as supervisors.

Where will the study room be?

The study room will be in the school cellar, which will be divided into two parts: One side/room which has couches and gives the students the chance to relax and the other side/room which has tables to work on for your group projects or individually.

In which lessons/days will the study room be open?

We will start off by opening the IB/ABI study room Tuesday-Thursday in the 4th-7th lesson. Again this is only possible if enough students volunteer as supervisors.

How can I help?

Become a supervisor! If you can not make it but still want to help, tell your friends about the opportunity to become a supervisor t and help them find a great way to get some CAS hours ;)

What are the plans for the future?

If successful the IB/ABI study room will be opened for more hours on more days. We are also planning on providing Wi-Fi and computers.

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