Many thanks to all who contributed to the school Halloween Party on November 6, 2015. As mentioned in last week's Buzz, it was a tremendous success as B24 hosted 273 children with their families. We raised nearly €1300 towards various improvements at the B24 campus and had a lot of fun in the process.

We had an amazing events team working together to make this party the event that it was. Special thanks go to our additional helpers: the talented decorators; the bakers of our many Halloween treats, cakes, and cookies; those that prepared and served the food; Mr. Jovasevic and our 10E class DJ and 'devilish disco' contributors; the team of 8E girls running the immensely popular haunted house; the ticket sellers; the set up and clean up crews; our impartial costume contest and pumpkin carving contest judges (Friedo Hehmann and Frau Kather, respectively); our face painters and other student and parent volunteers around the various party activities.

We also thank Charlotte Reggentin and the enthusiastic team of B24 educators helping the students with their many festive decorations, their pumpkin carvings, relocating students during the decorating phase, as well as helping us figure out how to get the party lighting 'just right'. Additionally we would like to recognize Hausmeister Jacki and Rudi for their supplies, help and patience with our preparations; Marvin the B24 caterer for happily letting us share his space and for cooking for the adults in attendance; theKulturBrauerei for once again loaning us their amazing and terrifying collection of Halloween decorations; Dunkin Donuts for supplying the winners of the B24 class pumpkin carving contest (5E) with their doughnut party prize, and CineStar theater for our costume contest prize...which brings us to...

We are delighted to announce the winner of the school-wide costume contest: claiming a pair of cinema tickets is none other than Saruman the White (known under the long, white beard as 3E's Sami Ashi!!!). Congratulations, Sami! Thanks to all who dressed up, it gave the party a very festive 'vibe'! And now we begin the countdown to next year's party....

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The Nelson Mandela School is a diverse international bilingual state school for students from grade 1 to 13. Students can choose to graduate with either the bilingual Abitur or the International Baccalaureate (IB).

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